Sunday, 3 May 2009

County Durham


Susanne49 said...

You have not only a new job, you have also a new look on your blog!!! First I thought I'm on a wrong blog...LOL... but the quality of your photos told me very quick: it's IS Carol's blog!

Congratulations to your new look, it's great, it's refreshing, it's creative and it's YOU!

I love all your photos Carol, I'm a big fan of your artistic view of subjects in front of your camera!

Come girl, show us more out of your archives - and the new ones too, of course :)

I love what I see!!


Sue's Daily Photography

Brenda Skinner said...

Carole, couldn't find your guest book at the bottom of the page as directed, so I thought I'd post here. Fabulous photography of the north country - very atmospheric. I got to your site from Mike de Moree's silverpixel blog. I have taken photography courses with Mike in northern Ontario, Canada. I have started a blog about my passion for the UK. Mine's more about writing, but I use my own photos. If you'd care to have a look, it's at